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Offering was presented at Pittsburgh’s Flow Festival, a celebration of the improvement of the water quality of Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers. The temporary work was installed in a park on an island in the Allegheny River within the city of Pittsburgh. The work included several elements including a series of glass bowls etched with phrases including, “welcome home”, “It is good to see you again”, “please stay”. In the bowl were offerings to creatures which had recently returned to the waters of Pittsburgh.Each species was offered something to tempt its return. Fresh willow springs were offered to beavers. The bowls were placed in small shelters, much like votive structures. On each structure had a drawing on paper of the returning resident including the symbol of the element it inhabited. A box containing handouts with information for the visitors about the returning creatures was placed at the beginning of the installation . The creatures returning to Pittsburgh waters are American Paddlefish, North American River Otter, American Beaver, Queen Snake, Bald Eagle, American Toad and King Fisher.

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